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Golden Nuggets: The Cable Connection

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, January 16th, 2017

The 49ers have officially interviewed Tom Cable. Wonderful. I’ve already said my peace on hiring the Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach, and Fooch echoed my statements today, but I’ll just state it again: This is not a culture to change to get behind. Cable has volatile temper problems and it’s apparent with the shift in mood the 49ers are trying to emphasize, Cable is the WRONG guy to go to. He’s punched an assistant in the jaw (allegedly) slapped his wife (admitted to) and hit other women(allegedly—settled out of court).

I’m no advocate for any of this, but if one instance of this occurred, I’d be willing—though reluctant to give him a shot. With this type of pedigree? No, this isn’t a second chance. To Cable’s credit he did take an Al Davis Raiders team to 8-8, which is like going 16-0 in the NFL, but no. That type of stink and baggage Cable brings is definitely not what the 49ers want right now. Hopefully it turns to nothing but just an interview on the Seahawks way of doing things.

Meanwhile, Josh McDaniels is reported to be unsure about the 49ers gig. It’s that whole firing three coaches in three years thing that he’s not too gung-ho about. I said this several times: firing Chip Kelly is a bad look. You get a guy like McDaniels who got whacked by Denver midway into his second season and he’s going to an organization that hasn’t let anyone be on payroll past 365 days the past two years? Of course he’s not too sure about the job, that’s what comes with the 49ers firing everyone. It’s why I’ve said Jed York needs to be absolutely sure on what he’s doing going forward: Because this is what happens.

In any case, Kyle Shanahan won the weekend job interview with his absolute dismantling of the Seattle Seahawks defense. I don’t care if it was without Earl Thomas, that was a drubbing. Against Seattle. They should have called a time out just to sign him in the first half. Here’s your links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...