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Josh McDaniels removes name from 49ers head coach search [Update]

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It would appear the 49ers choices are down to Kyle Shanahan and Tom Cable.

Fooch’s note: Josh McDaniels confirms he is staying in New England.

The San Francisco 49ers choice of head coach candidates might be down to two. Jason La Canfora is reporting that McDaniels is “very unlikely” to take the 49ers job. La Canfora mentioned the questions about his family, which is something Pro Football Talk reported last night. This follows Peter King saying in his MMQB column that his gut told him McDaniels would stay with the Patriots another year. Fooch’s update: Ian Rapoport is also reporting McDaniels, “is stepping back from the coaching search to focus on the playoffs.”

The 49ers are potentially now left with Kyle Shanahan and Tom Cable as their only options for the head coach position. They interviewed Cable on Sunday, and Shanahan a week prior. The team cannot speak with Shanahan until after this week. If Atlanta beats Green Bay, the 49ers can speak with Shanahan next week for a second interview. They cannot formally offer him the job until Atlanta is done with the playoffs. However, if Atlanta wins this week and the 49ers want Shanahan, a deal would likely get done at least in principle.

It is possible McDaniels could change his mind between now and the end of the Patriots season, but the reports all seem to suggest it will not happen.

As for Tom Cable? I’ll just continue to hope that’s a red herring of some sort.