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Adam Schefter: 49ers ‘are - and have been - honing in on’ Kyle Shanahan

Josh McDaniels appears to be out of the picture, but maybe the 49ers land their “co-favorite.”

Multiple media reports Monday morning have said Josh McDaniels is likely to remove his name from consideration from the San Francisco 49ers head coach job (McDaniels has since confirmed it). Naturally that sent many of us into a tizzy, but hopefully there is some silver lining. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the 49ers are “honing in on” Kyle Shanahan for the job. He tweeted they “have been” already, and Ian Rapoport tweeted that Shanahan and McDaniels were viewed as co-favorites during the process.

It is entirely possible Jed York or one of his people got word out to Schefter and company pumping up Shanahan a bit. It is also possible, and likely Shanahan has been viewed as a co-favorite. Most expectations were that he and McDaniels were the two most notable candidates on the market. But it is easy to figure the 49ers are going to look to get their own spin out there.

The 49ers cannot speak with Shanahan this week. If the Falcons beat the Packers on Sunday, the 49ers can hold a second interview with Shanahan, but cannot formally hire him. If the Falcons lose on Sunday, the 49ers are free and clear to hire Shanahan. And of course, we are required to continually remind you that the team can hire Tom Cable at any point.

In the meantime, as this process rolls along, I think Alonzo Mosely summed it up best in Midnight Run: “I'm going to have a heart attack before this is over. I know I’m gonna have a heart attack.”