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Reports of different GM candidates in the mix for 49ers

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The 49ers don’t have a head coach or GM, and one is likely dependent on the other

The San Francisco 49ers head coach search is going through all sorts of twists and turns as we head into week three of the process. And caught up amidst all that is the GM search. Jed York said he wanted two people who could work well together, but also said he would not focus in on one particular path for figuring out who would handle each position.

Over the past week, reports have suggested the team is focusing on the coach and that person will then have a significant say in the GM. However, this could go a lot of different ways. On Monday, Matt Maiocco reported he had been hearing the Arizona Cardinals VP of player personnel Terry McDonough wants Kyle Shanahan as his coach if the former lands the GM job. Mike Silver tweeted that he “believe[s]” George Paton, Eliot Wolf, and Brian Gutekunst all remain strong candidates for the job.

York has said he will not stick to one traditional process in figuring out the various positions the team needs. That being said, he will have to make a decision sooner rather than later, and right now, I have no idea where that will end up going. The 49ers could come out smelling like roses, but it is a messy road to that point.