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Gus Bradley is DC option if Tom Cable gets 49ers HC job

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The former Jaguars coach apparently is waiting to see if Cable gets the 49ers job.

The San Francisco 49ers do not have a head coach yet, but the remaining two candidates will have some options available to them. NFL Network reporter Mike Silver tweeted that former Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley could be an option for the defensive coordinator position if Tom Cable is hired.

I believe someone else mentioned Bradley as a potential DC option, and it makes sense. He served as defensive coordinator in Seattle before getting the Jaguars job. Head coach candidates have their network of assistants, and almost assuredly mention some of those names in their interviews.

Bradley could be a solid DC hire, but there are plenty of other issues that would still exist if the 49ers hired Tom Cable. The most important is Cable’s history of violence. Then if we get into the football side, there is the issue of the offensive coordinator. Cable has OC experience, and of course extensive experience working with offensive lineman. In Oakland, Cable’s OC was Hue Jackson. I’m not entirely sure who is left at this point to serve in such a role if the 49ers actually ended up hiring Cable.