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‘Good chance’ Chip Kelly gets Jacksonville Jaguars OC job, faces 49ers in 2017

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We get at least a little bit of a 2017 storyline.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are building out Doug Marrone’s coaching staff, and it will likely have a familiar face. A day after we learned former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly interviewed for their head coach job, reports now suggest he has interviewed for the offensive coordinator job. More importantly, Ian Rapoport there is a good chance it happens, and Kelly has some potential offensive assistants lined up.

The 49ers will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars as part of their run through the AFC South. The game will take place at Levi’s Stadium, and we’ll know the date in April. Kelly will be working with Blake Bortles this year, who is coming off a rough season. Kelly did great things in limited time with Nick Foles, and he helped Colin Kaepernick bounce back from an atrocious 2015 season. Now that he is solely designing the offense and not dealing with anything else, I wonder if it will lead to a bit more success.