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49ers announce Seahawks executive interviews

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I have no idea what is next.

The San Francisco 49ers are formally wrapping up the first stage of their interview process on Monday. The team announced Monday morning they were interviewing Seattle Seahawks co-director of player personnel Trent Kirchner, and they recently announced the start of their interview with Scott Fitterer, who holds the same role.

The next step is where things get tricky. Your guess is as good as mine as to what will happen when. If the team is seriously interested in Kyle Shanahan, we’ll be left waiting until at least next week. Whether the Falcons win or lose, Shanahan can hold a second interview with the 49ers after the NFC title game. If the Falcons win the NFC title game, he can interview during the bye week. If the Falcons lose, he is free and clear to do whatever he wants.

Matt Maiocco suggested Terry McDonough would like to work with Shanahan. The 49ers could wait and have Shanahan and McDonough meet up in the same room and they try and hammer things out. My hope is that is what happens next, and we don’t see the hustle to hire Tom Cable. Consider it a strenuous hope at this point.