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Philip Rivers-49ers rumor emerged in spite of no GM or head coach

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Kinda out of nowhere, and hard to buy.

The San Francisco 49ers do not have a general manager or head coach, but that did not stop somebody from floating a rumor about Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers. Bay Area freelance writer and PFWA member David Barclay tweeted that the 49ers are interested in Philip Rivers. Someone asked Chargers beat writer Kevin Acee if this is true, and Acee tweeted it was news to Rivers.

I suppose this would be an easily ignored rumor, but when I have been one to ignore a rumor? The fact that a Chargers beat writer addressed it is at least moderately interesting. I suppose it could just be an endless feedback loop and it should be avoided, but the 49ers need a quarterback, so why not talk about every possible option?

A year ago, when the Chargers first gained the option to opt in to the new Los Angeles Rams stadium, there were rumblings Rivers might want out. After word the team was in fact moving, Rivers said he had to get excited about it for the organization, but was still feeling a bit conflicted about the move given his time in San Diego.

I would love to see Rivers in a 49ers uniform, but we can safely shoot this rumor down for a variety of reasons, but I think this is the most important:

The 49ers do not have a head coach or general manager.

The 49ers are talking about a significant culture change, and I would like to think that includes the head coach and general manager working together to figure out the quarterback situation. Maybe some of the candidates suggested Rivers as an option, but I am not buying that for the time being. If this rumor came out after the search ended, that would be one thing, but right now? Nope.

I don’t think we really need to get into the reasons why the 49ers would not be successful. The original tweeter did not say Rivers preferred the 49ers, or that the 49ers are believed to have an edge. He simply said, Rivers wanted out, and the 49ers would be interested. The structure of the tweet suggests a development in this process, but it’s hard to buy for the time being.

It’s not going to happen, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down from actually happening.