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Tom Cable will remain in Seattle according to his agent

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49ers fans can rest little easier knowing that this part of the saga has come to and end

Looks like the last man standing for the open head coaching position with the San Francisco 49ers is now Kyle Shanahan after a tweet from Tom Cable’s agent announced that he will remain in Seattle.

Seattle personnel man Trent Kirchner withdrawing from the 49ers GM search could have been a little foreshadowing that occurred just a few hours prior to the tweet from Cable’s agent.

Shanahan will have a second interview with the team after the conference championship games whether the Falcons go to the Super Bowl or not. They will likely discuss the top GM candidates as the Shrine Game is this week and and the Senior Bowl the following week. 49ers will have scouts on hand for both games.

There was a heavy sigh of relief from 49ers fans everywhere with this announcement but we are still not out of the woods yet. Shanahan still needs to accept the offer in good faith, and not back out before an official announcement.