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When 49ers told Kyle Shanahan he’s their guy, Dan Quinn told Falcons assistants

The Falcons would seem to be fully expecting Kyle Shanahan to depart for the 49ers once the playoffs end.

The San Francisco 49ers have made it clear that Kyle Shanahan is their choice for head coach, and further indications suggest a deal should get done next week. There have been reports Shanahan is expected to formally accept the job, but there will be contract and personnel power negotiations to be handled.

On Wednesday, NFL Network reporter Mike Silver offered up some interesting insight about Shanahan. Silver said he spoke to Shanahan after the team’s win over Seattle this past Saturday. He asked Shanahan about the interview process and how difficult it was to keep things compartmentalized. He said it is not because Dan Quinn went through the process leading up to joining the Falcons, and said he is incredibly supportive.

Silver also offered up this nugget. It is Silver’s understanding that after Shanahan found out the 49ers were interested in him, Dan Quinn announced it to the various Falcons assistants.

“I’m told that when the 49ers essentially offered Kyle Shanahan the job – they’re not allowed to formally offer but told him, ‘you’re our guy’ – that all the coaches were in a room together finding out, and Dan Quinn kind of announced it to the group. I don’t know if people broke into a round of applause but it was a glorious moment at the Falcons facility. Super supportive about Kyle Shanahan going to the 49ers.”

There is still room for something to mess things up in negotiations, but this would suggest things should get hammered down pretty well next week. I won’t put anything past anybody at this point, but this is comforting while we are left to wait for at least another week to see some kind of resolution on this situation.