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Silver: Kyle Shanahan ‘almost certain to accept the [49ers HC] position.’

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There is all sorts of detail in Mike Silver’s latest report.

The San Francisco 49ers are down to one candidate for their head coach position, and early indications are that Kyle Shanahan is expected to accept the position. NFL Network columnist Mike Silver reported Tuesday night that the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator is almost certain to accept the position.

That article includes a variety of interesting details. Among other things, Denise DeBartolo York conducted an hour-long interview with Tom Cable on Tuesday afternoon. According to Silver, Cable had learned earlier on Tuesday that the 49ers planned on hiring Shanahan.

Silver does not explain why Mama York interviewed Cable. One possibility is given all the talk about his alleged violent past, she wanted to get clarification on that. It is also possible she wanted him available as a cheaper backup option. There has been a lot made over the years of Denise York being the one actually in charge and being the “cheap” one. Maybe this was her way of trying to maintain some semblance of control on this situation. It could be one of a variety of reasons.

Silver said that Cable was the preferred candidate of Seahawks executives Trent Kirchner and Scott Fitterer, and also Kansas City Chiefs executive Chris Ballard. However, right now, Silver has Brian Gutekunst as the leading candidate for the GM position. There have been multiple reports from Silver and Matt Maiocco placing Gutekunst at the top of the list. Silver continues to suggest Eliot Wolf and George Paton are the other two candidates connected with Shanahan, while including the remaining GM candidates as effectively also-rans in the search.

Silver says that on Monday during the interview process with the Seahawks executives, Jed York, “felt increased urgency to reach out to Shanahan and convey his intention to offer him the job.” I am not sure if that means the leaks we heard or if the 49ers directly contacted him or his agent. Technically they cannot contact Shanahan until next week, but I imagine they made it clear to his agent that they want to make this happen.

The next step will be another meeting next week to finalize the GM pairing and negotiate a contract. Given Silver’s report, I have to think Jed York and Paraag Marathe have had preliminary contract negotiations with Shanahan’s agent to get a basic framework in place. There are questions of salary and personnel control that need to be figured out, and any indication Shanahan will probably accept would most likely be predicated on that to a certain extent.