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49ers roll over $38 million in 2016 salary cap space

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The San Francisco 49ers are looking at a ton of cap space in 2017.

The NFLPA formally announced how much 2016 salary cap space NFL teams are rolling over for 2017. According to the union, the San Francisco 49ers are rolling over $38,708,916 in cap space. The 49ers are third in total space rolled over, behind the Cleveland Browns ($50,123,269), and the Jacksonville Jaguars ($39,314,310).

In his season-ending press conference, Jed York said the team would be rolling over their unused cap space. Over The Cap listed the 49ers with a little over $40 million in 2016 cap space, but their numbers are unofficial. Even if that is the amount, teams that don’t roll over the full 100 percent often don’t do so because of credits and other payments that still have to cover. Whatever the case, the 49ers are rolling over a ton of cap space.

With that roll-over, the 49ers are looking at somewhere on the order of $78 million cap space for 2017. This does not factor in the potential departure of Colin Kaepernick. If he opts out of his contract or the 49ers release him, that clears another $16.9 million in cap space. And considering the overhaul this team faces, we might see even more roster cuts, potentially putting the 49ers up over $100 million in cap space.