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Golden Nuggets: Denise York Interviewed Tom Cable

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49ers-related articles for Thursday, 1/19/2017

Sounds like what you’d hear if you walked in halfway to a bad joke being told. Unfortunately, it’s not; reports are in fact that Denise York interviewed Tom Cable. I found this piece of info, coincidentally buried eyebrow deep under thousands of OMG SHANAHAN articles (don’t worry, we’ll get there), extremely interesting. Somehow, it slipped through the cracks that she did this same thing with Hue Jackson last year - and he decided to run off to chase the ignominious legacy of the 2008 Lions.

Three years in a row, we have a new HC. Two years in a row, the mother of the “owner” goes beyond supervising how her munchkin does business - she intervenes. Does this mean anything? Considering his comments about not firing the owner (paraphrased), might this be a sign that his leash has run out, and the parental unit(s) have stepped in to right the ship?

In other news, Shanahan is virtually nailed down as our new HC according to effectively every source the internet has to offer. The GM field has narrowed to four, and the second round of interviews is set to begin soon, including meetings with Kyle Shanahan. Among the myriad “GM search” articles, there was one that pointed to the interference of Paraag Marathe as a major hold up in the process.

Worst case scenario, we’re two weeks from knowing who the faces of our organization will be. Roll the tape On to the nuggets.

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