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Mel Kiper’s first 2017 NFL mock draft is predictable up top

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ESPN’s Mel Kiper posted his first mock draft of 2017, and it has the 49ers going quarterback. No surprises early.

The San Francisco 49ers may not have a head coach or general manager, but consistency remains among 2017 NFL mock drafts. ESPN’s Mel Kiper released his first mock draft of the year, and no surprise, he has the 49ers picking North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Here’s what he said about the pick.

This isn't a strong draft for quarterbacks. Trubisky is the best QB in the draft, but he's only No. 16 on my Big Board. He has only one season of collegiate starting experience, completing 68.2 percent of his passes with 30 touchdown passes and six interceptions. The 49ers still don't have a general manager or coach, and Colin Kaepernick could be on his way out.

At this point, with the 49ers having no coach or GM, and a ton of cap space to invest in the roster, I think most people are sticking with the consensus opinion. If the 49ers were to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo or Kirk Cousins, or any other notable quarterback, they would be unlikely to spend that No. 2 overall pick on a quarterback. And even if they do not acquire a quarterback in free agency or via trade, quarterback is not a sure thing at No. 2 given some of the questions.

But in the meantime, we are going to see this kind of thing for the next month and a half. Free agency and trading gets started in mid-March. We’ll hear rumors before then, but nothing can become official until the new league year starts. At that point, we might see some shuffling of mock drafts, or if nothing happens, they will further lock in on the quarterback position.