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Unlikely Kyle Shanahan will be able to bring over Atlanta Falcons assistants, per report

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What kinds of names do you expect to see on Kyle Shanahan’s potential coaching staff?

The San Francisco 49ers will meet with Kyle Shanahan next week and hopefully finalize most if not all the details on their next head coach. Shanahan will have to begin work building out his coaching staff, and the delay in potentially getting the job has raised plenty of questions about who will be on his staff.

It would appear now that the process of hiring assistants will have one additional speed bump. Matt Maiocco tweeted that he is hearing it is unlikely Shanahan will be able to bring any Falcons position coaches to his staff.

Earlier today, Oscar Aparicio took a look at some recent suggestions about potential offensive assistants. That was based on Gary Kubiak’s coaching staff, many of whom are looking for jobs since his decision to step down from the staff.

There are a variety of candidates out there for jobs, but the Falcons assistants will not be part of them. The Falcons can deny any non-head coach a non-head coach position with another team. Even though going from position coach to coordinator is usually a promotion, it is viewed as a lateral move for purposes of giving a team permission.

Here is a list of Dan Quinn’s coaching staff in Atlanta. With most if not all of these coaches out of the picture, who are some of the assistants out there you would consider? I would ask in particular about the defensive side of the ball since Shanahan’s knowledge is on the offensive side of the ball.

Raheem Morris: Asst. Head coach/WR coach

Richard Smith: Defensive Coordinator
Bryan Cox: Defensive Line
Jeff Ulbrich: Linebackers
Chad Walker: Defensive Assistant/Linebackers
Doug Mallory: Defensive Assistant/Defensive Backs
Marquand Manuel: Secondary/Senior Defensive Assistant

Jerome Henderson: Passing Game Coordinator
Bobby Turner: Running Backs
Chris Morgan: Offensive Line
Matt LaFleur: Quarterbacks
Wade Harman: Tight Ends
Keith Carter: Assistant Offensive Line
Mike McDaniel: Offensive Assistant
Mike LaFleur: Offensive Assistant

Keith Armstrong: Special Teams Coordinator
Eric Sutulovich: Assistant Special Teams Coach
Lance Schulters: Special Teams Intern
Justin Outten: Coaching Intern