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Raiders officially file paperwork to relocate to Las Vegas

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And on the anniversary of the Tuck Rule game.

The Oakland Raiders have made it official. The team filed paperwork this week to relocate the franchise to Las Vegas. Clark County Commission chair Steve Sisolak tweeted the news Thursday morning. This is breaking news, but not surprising news. Although, the timing is inauspicious at best. Today marks the anniversary of the Tuck Game.

Last weekend, reports surfaced that the team was going to file the paperwork. The Raiders have been working with Las Vegas for some time now to figure out a stadium plan. The NFL, long against the idea of moving a team to Las Vegas, has been coming around the past few months. I am guessing that Las Vegas coming up with significant public money and Oakland refusing to provide that kind of plan has made it easier for the NFL to come around on things.

This gets particularly interesting because there has been some discussion that the team would play in Oakland in 2017 and 2018 and then move to Las Vegas. I am curious to see how Raiders fans treat this as far as attending games the next two seasons. The team has relocated twice, so it is not like this is a shocking development. But I imagine some fans will be turned off knowing the team is headed out of town. It is not difficult to get down to Las Vegas from the Bay Area, so I imagine plenty will continue following the team. But it is going to be rough nonetheless for plenty of their fans. It is easy at times to dog on Raiders fans, but losing your team to another city in another state is always rough.