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Seahawks likely to be docked 2nd round pick for hiding Richard Sherman injury

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They are not the only team playing games with the injury report. They were just the dumb ones who got caught.

The Seattle Seahawks find themselves in just a wee bit of trouble. Pete Carroll told the media earlier this week that Richard Sherman played the second half of the season with an MCL injury.

Carroll talked about the injury to offer some context to Sherman’s season and some of his comments to the media, but it appears to have created additional problems. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Seahawks could be docked their second round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft for failing to disclose the injury on their weekly injury report.

I would give Seahawks fans a bunch of crap about the discipline, but I can all but guarantee you they are not the only team that fudges the injury report. Now, Pete Carroll was stupid enough to reveal the information, but let’s not pretend Seattle is the only one trying to game the system.

If Seattle loses their second round pick, that would bump all remaining picks up one spot. The 49ers third round pick goes from 66 to 65, and their remaining picks each bump up one spot after comp picks are determined. It is not a huge change by any means, but it is a change on the big boards.