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Report on Brian Gutekunst includes brutal alleged Jed York line about Scot McCloughan

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The 49ers appear to be honing in on Brian Gutekunst for their GM position. We break down the latest from a Packers beat writer.

Fooch’s update: One line I missed that is important:

If the 49ers offer the GM job to Gutekunst and he accepts, Thompson is expected to let him leave immediately even if the Packers reach the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers executive Eliot Wolf removed his name from consideration for the San Francisco 49ers general manager position, and a Packers writer is getting some juicy details. Bob McGinn is reporting that Wolf withdrew his name because it was becoming apparent to him that Brian Gutekunst was going to get the job.

McGinn does great work getting sources to provide quotations to him, with his pre-draft article with anonymous scouts always being particularly fascinating. Given that everything is anonymous, we do have to take it with a grain of salt, but this is some juicy stuff to say the least.

One source told McGinn that the job has been Brian Gutekunst’s for two weeks now, saying he “killed that interview.” It sounds like Jed York was impressed, although he might have offered up a rather unclassy comparison. According to McGinn’s source, “The owner says he’s Scot McCloughan without the drinking problem.”

Scot McCloughan is widely viewed as a fantastic personnel man, but his drinking issues have become a regular discussion in the media. ESPN had a really good feature about McCloughan back in late 2014. It talked about York visiting him in rehab in 2008, and then the decision to part ways in 2010.

Given how good McCloughan is viewed from a personnel standpoint, I get the point York wanted to make in terms of Gutekunst’s skill. But if he did in fact add in the line of “without the drinking problem,” that’s pretty weak. Just say, he’s as talented a personnel evaluator as Scot McCloughan, and that’s it. Pretty simply, really.

Again, we don’t know for sure that this was said, and we don’t know who the source is, but it’s out there now. And whether or not Jed intended for anybody else to hear it doesn’t really matter if he actually did say that, or anything similar.

McGinn is reporting the next round of interviews are expected to happen next Tuesday in Atlanta. Gutekunst and George Paton are the two known candidates, with McGinn joining Matt Maiocco is reporting that Terry McDonough is also part of this. The 49ers have said they will announce the interviews as they happen, similar to what they did in the first round of interviews.