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NFL draft order 2017: Browns, 49ers, Bears top the list

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Here is a look at the first 20 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft order

The 2016 NFL regular season came to an end Sunday evening, with the Green Bay Packers beating the Detroit Lions to capture the NFC North. The Lions earned the last wild card, and with that, we know the 12 playoff teams, and the draft order of the 20 non-playoff teams.

The Cleveland Browns managed to blow an eminently winnable game, losing 27-24 in overtime to the Pittsburgh steelers. While I think it was just Browns being Browns, it was easy to think they were putting on an epic display of tanking. Whatever the case, they were able to secure the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, while the 49ers were locked in at No. 2.

The 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks also secured the second pick in the remaining seven rounds. If the 49ers had won, they would have finished tied with Chicago and Jacksonville. Strength of schedule would have given the 49ers the second pick of the draft, but for rounds two through seven, the three teams would have rotated. That would mean the 49ers would have picked fourth in the second round, third in the third round, second in the fourth round, and so on. Instead, they pick second in all seven rounds.

Here is what the first 20 picks look like. We’ll add more in as teams are eliminated from the playoffs.

1. Cleveland Browns (1-15)
2. San Francisco 49ers (2-14)
3. Chicago Bears (3-13)
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-13)
5. Tennessee Titans (via Los Angeles Rams (4-12))
6. New York Jets (5-11)
7. San Diego Chargers (5-11)
8. Carolina Panthers (6-10)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (6-9-1)
10. Buffalo Bills (7-9)
11. New Orleans Saints (7-9)
12. Cleveland Browns (via Philadelphia Eagles (7-9))
13. Arizona Cardinals (7-8-1)
t-14. Philadelphia Eagles (via Minnesota Vikings (8-8))
t-14. Indianapolis Colts (8-8)
16. Baltimore Ravens (8-8)
17. Washington (8-7-1)
18. Tennessee Tittans (9-7)
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)
20. Denver Broncos (9-7)