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49ers GM, head coach search: Live updates tracking all the rumors

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We’ll track all the rumors and interview here.

The San Francisco 49ers fired general manager Trent Baalke and head coach Chip Kelly on Sunday, and have begun the process of setting up interviews. We are hearing numerous rumors, some of which will bear out, and others will end up being nothing.

Since we will be hearing a lot of rumors, we’re going to do what we can to keep a decent track on the interview process. There is already a growing laundry list of names that is only going to get bigger. I’ll break the list out discussing names connected to the 49ers, names that interview, and names that get a follow-up interview. At some point I’ll try and add some details on who other teams are interviewing as well since there will be some cross-over.

I’ll post accompanying links at the bottom of the article. Feel free to post tweets and links for names I might miss. We’ll have separate articles discussing these rumors and pieces of news, but this will serve as our over-arching list.

Final HC candidate

Kyle Shanahan, Falcons (Link, Link, Link)

GM finalists

Terry McDonough, Cardinals (Link, Link, Link)
George Paton, Vikings (Link, Link, Link, Link)

Off list

Chris Ballard, Chiefs (Link)
Nick Caserio, Patriots (Link, Link)
Doug Marrone, Jaguars (Link, Link)
Vance Joseph, Dolphins (Link, Link, Link, Link)
Sean McDermott, Panthers (Link, Link, Link)
Sean McVay, Washington (Link, Link, Link, Link)
Tom Cable, Seahawks (Link, Link, Link, Link)
Anthony Lynn, Bills (Link, Link, Link, Link)
Josh McDaniels, Patriots (Link, Link, Link)
Eliot Wolf, Packers (Link, Link, Link)
Brian Gutekunst, Packers (Link, Link, Link)
Scott Fitterer, Seahawks (Link, Link, Link)
Trent Kirchner, Seahawks (Link, Link, Link, Link)
Jimmy Raye III, Colts (Link, Link, Link)
Brandon Beane, Panthers (Link, Link)
Louis Riddick, ESPN (Link, Link, Link)