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Jed York suggests 49ers will roll over cap space to 2017

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Well, that’s something....

Jed York’s post-firing press conference was mostly a train wreck, but we did get one piece of potentially useful information out of it. York was asked if the San Francisco 49ers would be rolling its sizable amount of 2016 cap space over into 2017. York said they have always done that, suggesting that is the plan again this year.

NFL teams have until 1 p.m. PT today to inform the NFL in writing about how much cap space if any they will roll over into the 2017 league year salary cap. There have been plenty of accusations about the York family being cheap. York said during the press conference are willing to spend the money needed to turn things around.

We’ll see what this offseason brings, but the decision to roll over the cap space is at least a moderately positive step forward. Whether they properly spend it is another question entirely, but it’s something, I suppose.