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Jed York: Paraag Marathe will be involved in search process, coach/GM structure un-settled

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I’m just a wee bit skeptical for the time being.

Jed York spoke to the media on Monday to discuss the next steps in the San Francisco 49ers GM and coach search process. York did not get into a lot of specifics, but he did offer a few nuggets of how the process will go. There are some serious issues surrounding the process to consider, and we’ll get to see how they resolve themselves

York confirmed that Paraag Marathe, chief strategy officer and executive VP of football operations, will join him in leading the search process. Marathe was the team’s president in 2014 and 2015, and chief operating officer from 2010 to 2013. There was some thought he was demoted from the president role, but he clearly still has a significant role, and also the ear of Jed York.

There were multiple questions about the specific roles of the coach and GM, including whether or not there would be a repeat of the Mike Nolan experience. When John York hired Nolan, the team gave him full control of football operations. Nolan then hired Scot McCloughan to run personnel.

York suggested this kind of relationship could happen again, but he would not commit to a single potential structure. Instead, he said the organization needs to be open and flexible to a potential structure. “Whatever structure is best," York said.

On the one hand, I like the idea of being open to different structures. On the other hand, the past three years have not exactly offered reason to think the York search philosophy is a smart one. The press conference did not offer reason to think he has learned from his mistakes. But really, his words do not matter. He has said much of the same thing for three straight press conferences now. His actions don’t really matter either for the time being. It is the results that matter.

The process in place leaves me hesitant at best right now.