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Jay Glazer: ‘For weeks [Chip Kelly]’s known that Trent Baalke has been trying to undermine him and get him out’

Jed York was hoping Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke would work out. Turns out they didn’t, and the dirty laundry is airing.

Jed York spoke frequently on Monday about wanting to build a new culture in the San Francisco 49ers organization. He talked about the need for the GM and head coach to be on the same page, and defending each other rather than at each other’s throats. On Monday, Jay Glazer added some details about the relationship, or lack thereof between Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly.

There have been numerous rumors in recent years about Baalke and his role in some of the mud-slinging the last couple of years. On FOX Sports 1, Glazer added some context. He talked about what he has heard, and mentioned specifically talking with Kelly over the last few days.

I mentioned earlier today that the leaks were not going to end. This is at least Chip Kelly putting his name on some of it, but I imagine further leaks will be put out there. It is intriguing though to hear that Kelly told Glazer he would be down for an offensive coordinator role in the NFL. If the New England Patriots lose Josh McDaniels to another job, I’d be curious to see if Bill Belichick talks to Kelly given their history.

Here is a full transcript of Glazer’s comments, followed by video.

He’s learned from the Philly thing. I talked to him last night, I’ve talked to him for the last few days. When he got brought in there by Jed York, here’s what happened. For weeks and weeks and weeks, he’s known that Trent Baalke has been trying to undermine him and get him out. And other people said, go in there and defend yourself. And he’s kinda learned from the Philly thing, I’m not gonna do that. I’m just gonna go, I’m gonna coach, I have my chance.

And he really thought that, like the Colin Kaepernick thing like you said, that locker room never fell apart, and we were talking about that on presidential debates. And that locker room didn’t fall apart, so you’re right, he did a phenomenal job. I don’t think he saw it coming, well he told me last night, he didn’t see it coming that badly. But here’s a guy, in Trent Baalke, who, he has been controversial because of his role in the Jim Harbaugh affair. Went back to Singletary before that. Jim Tomsula.

And then I reported yesterday on FOX NFL Sunday that two years ago, they were hiring Adam Gase for that job instead of Jim Tomsula. They were hiring Adam Gase. John Lynch knows, he was back in Denver, packing his stuff up to go to San Francisco, and at the last second, Trent Baalke went to the owner and completely undercut it. And Gase, I talked to Gase about it, and he is still angry and bitter about it. So, 49er fans could have had Adam Gase this entire time, if there wasn’t so much politics that went on inside that organization.

So, the politics are gone, Trent Baalke’s out of there, obviously, Chip is out of there. Chip is saying to me last night, I’ll go be an offensive coordinator somewhere. He wants to be a football guy.