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Chris Ballard will no longer interview for 49ers GM job

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It’s not an ideal situation, so we’ll see how it impacts the interview process.

Fooch’s update: A little more from Rapoport

We have the first person withdrawing his name from consideration for a job with the San Francisco 49ers. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted that Kansas City Chiefs personnel executive Chris Ballard has decided he will not interview with the 49ers. Matt Barrows reported earlier on Monday that an interview had been planned.

The 49ers are currently the only open general manager slot. The situation is a mess right now, with outside questions about leadership in the organization. The team does hold the No. 2 pick and $40 million in cap space to roll over into 2017, so there are definitely positives.

However, with the way the last three years have gone in the front office and with the coaching staff, it is not surprising somebody would decide to pass on the job. The 49ers will find somebody eventually, and they could find a quality person, but someone who is inclined to be patient to wait for the right situation will likely continue waiting past the 49ers.