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What exactly do the 49ers do if the worst case hits?

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I think the 49ers get Kyle Shanahan signed, but until the deal is done, anything could happen.

I like to be at least moderately optimistic when I think about the San Francisco 49ers, but the last couple years have stamped out a lot of that optimism. It leaves me on edge when change is happening because it is hard to know where exactly things are going.

Which leads me to the current search for a head coach and general manager. The 49ers have narrowed their search down to Kyle Shanahan and nobody else. All indications are that both sides want to get a deal done, and they will have ample time next week, regardless of what happens in the upcoming NFC title game. With George Paton and Terry McDonough remaining in the GM search, it is possible we see them wrap up a package deal before the end of next week.

That being said, the nagging concern remains that the 49ers are in a tough spot. They are essentially on a tight tope high above the ground without a safety net. My guess is both sides have made enough progress that the 49ers feel comfortable with where things stand. And if so, great. But as people on the outside, we are left with the concern of something screwing this up.

Until a contract is signed, sealed, and delivered, anything could happen. The most likely scenario would be Shanahan asking for something in regard to money or control and the 49ers not being willing to surrender it to him. I would like to think the 49ers are in a position where they simply cannot say no to any requests or demands, but who knows.

So, hypothetically, what if the 49ers and Shanahan end up unable to close the deal? Who is the 49ers head coach? Do we see Mike Nolan or Mike Shanahan brought in to run things? It is worth noting, the 49ers are down in Silicon Valley, so maybe they get a robot to handle things. They almost found a replacement for Joe Nedney a few years back, so this robot could at least be the special teams coach.

But seriously, have we thought about what might happen if things fall short? I don’t think they will, but can you say with 100 percent confidence that the 49ers will get Kyle Shanahan signed, sealed, and delivered? With that in mind, I really am curious if the 49ers have any sort of backup plan, because crazier things have happened.