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PFT prognosticates why hiring a GM could be challenging for the 49ers

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How Paraag Marathe’s role could be a factor for a GM candidate

While the rest of the league is busy assembling their staffs, the San Francisco 49ers are in a holding pattern hiring both their general manager and head coach until their candidate’s teams are eliminanted from the post season. There has been much discussion about what Paraag Marathe’s role is in the hiring process after it was confirmed he has been in the room during interviews. ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio wrote about a few scenarios that could be a deterrent for GM candidates including Marathe’s role in how the final 53 man roster is shaped.

If the 49ers have promised control of the roster to Kyle Shanahan as an extra incentive to keep him committed to taking the job after his team finishes the post season, it could have been a deterrent for a rising GM candidate like Eliot Wolf, who just recently removed himself from the candidate pool. Wolf who could be inline to take over a GM position in a place like Green Bay could find it much more attractive to not be handcuffed to a head coach that has final say.

Wolf or any other candidate might also find it restricting to be tied to an organization that has a person like Marathe in the building. If Marathe has a role in negotiating contracts and is ultimately very involved in football operations it could be viewed as a potential power struggle to incoming candidates. Why would you take a job where two people will have more influence than you, especially if you are on the fast track for a job where you can call the shots?

Although Marathe is no longer team president, he is still a visible figure with the organization and in attendance at games, both home and away. Former chief operating officer Al Guido received the title of team president in 2015. At the same time that Guido was named president, Marathe’s focus was to be the minor league soccer team Republic FC where the York family has a vested interest.

Now, word has surfaced the Brian Gutekunst has received a new deal in Green Bay, enticing him to remain with the organization and remove himself as a candidate for the 49ers GM position. Maybe there is some validity to Florio’s claim.