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Brian Gutekunst withdraws name from 49ers GM search per report

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Another candidate is out. Two remain for the 49ers general manager search.

The San Francisco 49ers general manager search is down to two names. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that Brian Guntekurst, a candidate set for a second interview, has withdrawn his name from the 49ers general manager search.

Gutekunst will stay with the Packers and according to Schefter’s sources will be getting a pay raise. This is the exact same situation that happened with the other front runner from Green Bay, Eliot Wolf.

With Gutekunst withdrawing, that leaves George Paton and Terry McDonough as the two names the 49ers will be considering for the general manager position. Both are lined up for second interviews along with the 49ers trying to get Kyle Shanahan’s deal in San Francisco finalized.

Back in 2015, when Dan Quinn was interviewing for the Falcons head coaching job, he was connected with George Paton, according to Matt Maiocco. Paton and Quinn knew each other in Miami, and Paton and Shanahan happened to interview on the same day two weeks ago. There is no other word on their connection, but it is possible that could be a hint of things to come.