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Chip Kelly not selected as Jaguars OC, will now meet with Patriots

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The former 49ers head coach will now meet with New England.

There was some speculation that former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly would be looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars for his first stint as an NFL offensive coordinator. Looks like that won’t be happening, the Jaguars announced Nathaniel Hackett will remain as Jaguars offensive coordinator under Doug Marrone, a situation mirroring the duo’s time with the Buffalo Bills.

Ian Rapport tweeted earlier this week that Kelly believed he was going to get an offer from Jacksonville and had a staff lined up.

The New England Patriots remain an option for the now-unemployed Kelly. However with Josh McDaniels withdrawing his candidacy from the only head coaching job left—the 49ers, that leaves an offensive coordinator position there unlikely. ESPN’s Chris Mortenson reported that Kelly will be meeting with New England this weekend. Kelly could come on as an offensive assistant, a role McDaniels held during New England’s postseason, but whatever role he is interviewing for—or to be created for him— remains up in the air.

For now, Chip Kelly is a coach that is being paid not to coach. He’s collecting checks from both the Philadelphia Eagles and the 49ers after both being fired from both organizations.

Kelly has been considered a great offensive mind on the college field, but in the pros, many doubt that his high powered, fast-paced offense can work. He’s said he wants to remain in the NFL, so where do you see him landing? What could he be doing?

Do you think he should even be trying in the NFL?