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Is George Paton the new front runner for GM?

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The Vikings executive may be the new candidate the San Francisco 49ers zero in on for the general manager job. Do you think he’s the one they want now?

With Brian Gutekunst and Eliot Wolf—the two perceived front runners for the San Francisco 49ers general manager job—out, It leaves two candidates: the Arizona Cardinals’ Terry McDonough and the Minnesota Vikings’ George Paton.

McDonough has been tied to 49ers head coach front-runner Kyle Shanahan since getting announced, but Paton has flown a bit under the radar. Now with Wolf and Gutekunst being kept away from the 49ers, Paton may the new leading man.

Paton has a certain rapport with Atlanta Falcons head coach (and Kyle Shanahan’s current superior) Dan Quinn. Matt Maiocco brought up that Quinn was hoping to have Paton working with him when he took the Atlanta job and also made the point that both Shanahan and Paton were interviewed the same day two weeks ago. While this could be circumstantial, the amount of support Shanahan has gotten from the Falcons’ coaching staff and front office may mean he took a sincere recommendation from Quinn to get Paton.

While not referencing any sources, NFL Network Columnist Mike Silver, had this to say on the new candidate pool. He was also the one who suggested Kyle Shanahan would be accepting the 49ers head coaching job:

Terry McDonough is a strong candidate, but it may appear Paton could win out. Do you see Paton as the front runner and eventual general manager of the 49ers?