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49ers pursuing Gus Bradley for DC role with bigger offer

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The 49ers don’t have a head coach yet, but they are pushing at some key areas.

Fooch’s update - A Jacksonville sports anchor tweeted this:

The San Francisco 49ers have not formally finalized their next head coach, but Kyle Shanahan and/or the organization have their eyes set on Gus Bradley as defensive coordinator. Bradley was connected to Tom Cable at one point, and when Cable withdrew his name, Bradley apparently rebuffed the team’s continued interest. Now, apparently the 49ers are pushing further.

Mike Silver is reporting the 49ers are “upping their offer” to Bradley for the job. There are no details on what this entails or who is involved in making this happen. I would not be surprised if it was Bradley’s agent trying to leverage a bigger deal elsewhere, but it could also be the 49ers putting this out there. I don’t anticipate Bradley confirming or denying any of this, and instead just working to eventually get a job somewhere.

Bradley would bring an experienced mind to the defensive side of the ball. Shanahan is an offensive head coach, and while he will be looking at everything, it seems like the defensive coordinator will have a lot of autonomy with that unit. There have been reports from the 49ers beat writers that the team tried to get permission to speak with Vic Fangio, to no avail. We’ll see what defensive mind they end up getting, presumably coaching with Kyle Shanahan.