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Gus Bradley to join Los Angeles Chargers as defensive coordinator

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After reports that the 49ers the ante, Bradley will be the defensive coordinator for the Chargers

After multiple reports that the 49ers were involved a heavy courtship with Gus Bradley, Adam Schefter has reported that the defensive coach will head to Los Angeles to be the next defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers. Bradley was connected to Tom Cable at one point during the 49ers search and after Cable withdrew his name, Bradley dismissed any further advances by the organization to have him working along side of head coach front runner Kyle Shanahan.

There have been multiple candidates that have now either taken other better offers or taken their names out of consideration for positions with the 49ers and with each rejection, the image of the 49ers takes a little hit. If Shanahan ends up refusing to move to Santa Clara, There’s no telling who would be able to hire. A name that is still involved the the open GM spot is Viking’s George Paton who has a second interview lined up according to Tom Pelissaro. He also reports that the Cardinal’s Terry McDonough has not been asked back for a second interview.

This is one of the most prime examples of putting all of your eggs in one basket. Hopefully the 49ers don’t end up with out a date for the prom, but I can’t deny that I’m a little bit nervous that all of this won’t fall into place like they are hoping it will.