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Why you want the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl

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The 49ers have long been eliminated from the post season, so who should you want to win? Part 1 of 4

Do I really need to explain why you should want the team facing the Patriots to win? If you need a reason, or a dozen, I’m at your service to give you what you need to make an educated decision. Other than wanting an entertaining game, akin to last weeks Dallas vs. Green Bay match up, you should also want New England to lose.

If not only for Josh McDaniels and Nick Cesario spurning the advances of the 49ers in a football franchise version of speed dating, you don’t want to give the Patriots an opportunity at a fifth championship. The 49ers have five Super Bowl wins and as long as the Patriots only have four, we can all sleep just a little bit better.

Need more reasons? There’s spy-gate, deflate-gate and the tuck rule. There are hoodies with no sleeves and monotone press conferences. (Although, I have to say I find the press conferences somewhat entertaining) There’s a future first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback who jumps up and down and screams like a child. There’s male ponytails and a snarky super model wife.

Of course we want to watch another game with the killer B’s; Bell, Brown and Ben. They are incredibly athletic and entertaining. Antonio Brown doesn’t care how much he could get fined, he has fun while being a human highlight reel. Le’Veon Bell’s patient style of running is remarkable to watch and Ben is well, Big Ben with that ridiculous arm and pump fake that tricks defenders everywhere.

Yes, the Steelers could have an opportunity to win their seventh championship, which would be two more than the 49ers, but I’d really rather it be Pittsburgh than Dallas having more (I was really happy they lost) or the Patriots pulling even.