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2017 East-West Shrine Game: TV schedule, game time, 2017 NFL Draft prospects to watch

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A quick view at draft prospects for the 49ers in the upcoming East-West Shrine game.

Today is the 92nd annual East-West Shrine Game. This is a great opportunity for NFL teams to get a good look at lesser known prospects. The prospects themselves get to showcase their talents in front of the NFL teams and the fans get to watch some football and try their hand at scouting NFL players. WIN-WIN-WIN. The Game will be played at 12 p.m. PT time (Noon for us on the west coast) and will be aired on NFL Network.

The Niners have several positions of need so I’ve done some quick and simple scouting reports in those areas; several defensive tackles that can stop the run, 2 quarterbacks and some of the more intriguing players to watch for in the game.

Cooper Rush QB Central Michigan 6’3’’ 230

Passes the eyeball test at 6’3’’ 230 lbs. He has the arm strength to make NFL throws and shows enough agility to elude a pass rush but rarely tucks the ball and runs with it instead opting to look downfield for an open receiver. He is a 4 year starter and has accumulated nearly 13,000 passing yards. He has physical tools and experience. His biggest drawbacks are the 55 interceptions he has thrown. In 2016 he had 16 to his 23 touchdowns. This many turnovers is why he is a day 3 prospect. Overall he is an intriguing prospect that I look forward to watching today.

Alek Torgersen QB 6’3’’ 230

Alex Torgerson is a small school QB that didn’t make many mistakes. He only threw 4 interceptions in 2016, but with that being said he only threw for 17 touchdowns. His completion percentage is solid at 66.9% but he does not flash on tape. He is 6’3’’ 230 lbs and is a watered down version of Cooper rush which might be a plus. He is the QB prospect I am watching today. I want to know how he deals with the elevated level of play.

Joe Williams RB Utah 5’11’’ 205

He is even faster than you think. He can plain end plays with the ball in his hand. He ran for 332 yards against UCLA and 4 TD. He is a big play waiting to happen and my prediction for game MVP. His stock will rest on his ability to catch and block, if he proves that he can in fact do both then he could creep into the 3rd round. If not he will find a home on day 3. He has surprising size for a speed back at 5’11’’ 205 lbs. He is just a lot of fun to watch.

Gabe Marks WR Washingotn State 6’0’’ 190

Gabe Marks might be the best player on the field today. He is a crafty 6’00’’ 190 pound receiver. He is quicker than fast, but I never saw him get caught from behind. Is creative when getting off the line of scrimmage which will be important in the NFL. His smaller size will attract CBs to jam him at the line. He has played a lot of football with 316 receptions, 3,453 receiving yards, and 37 touchdowns. Yes, you read that correctly, 37 touchdowns. He looks the part of an NFL slot receiver with reliable hands and determination to try and catch every ball thrown his way. He is the most likely player in this day to be a day two pick.

Chase Roullier G Wyoming 6’3’’ 315

Chase is a 3 year starter on the interior of the offensive line who stepped up and started at center for the cowboys his senior year. Wyoming plays in a relatively pro style offense (they take more than five snaps a game with the QB under center). He has experience snapping the ball in all conditions and frankly he has dominated, but he is playing in the Mountain West conference. The level of competition at the shine game will be huge for Roullier’s draft stock.

Josh Augusta DT Missouri 6’4’’ 350

This is an absolute mountain of a man. The lightest weight I have seen posted for him is 335 lbs and most are at 350 lbs. Watching his game tape, I have no doubt the he has weighed a full 350 lbs. Augusta is not a pass rusher by any stretch of the imagination, he is a stone cold run stopper. The real concern with Augusta is pad level. He can be inconsistent with his pad level at 6’4 and this results with him getting driven off the line of scrimmage. Despite this, teams will love his size and physicality. He is a good candidate for a true 3-4 nose tackle, which is a position of need for the niners.

BJ Singleton DT Houston 6’4’’ 320

The limited game tape I watched on singleton was frustrating. He is properly sized at 6’4’’ 320 lbs but he was getting pushed off the line far too often in the run game. He would flash and get good push against a double, but it was random and rare. He did not show one successful pass rush move. He did however impress me with his motor. He did not quit on any plays and would run (more like a jog but he is 320) until the whistle. This is a guy I will be watching with intent durning the game.

Deangelo Brown, DT, Louisville 6’1’’

His build at only 6’1’’ allows him to naturally play with leverage against the run. He is willing to eat as many blockers as you can throw at him and not move an inch. Not moving appears to be his specialty. He looks the part of an NFL 3-4 nose tackle. If you are looking for a proven run stuffer here is your guy. He does not rush the passer or have lateral movement skills, but lets be honest, those are extras for a nose tackle. Simply put he holds his point and that is all I will be watching for in the shrine game. If he can stuff the run against a double team then check off the “yes” box and draft this guy on day three.

Trey Hendrickson Edge Florida Atlantic 6’4 260

Trey Henderson is the “talk” of the Shine game. He has played very well this weekend and has raised his draft stock considerably. Henderson has the proper size to play on the edge and is proving that he has the skill to rush the passer at the next level. He has 9.5 sacks last season and had 13.5 the year before. He has proven he can be productive and is staking well against the elevated competition. His physique translates better to a defensive end in a 4-3 system, but we might see him play some outside linebacker in today’s game.

Calvin Munson, Linebacker, San Diego State 6’1’’ 245

Calvin Munson is a Jack of all trades and a master of none type of player. He can play both inside and outside linebacker and showed impressive instincts in coverage; though he was better against the run. He could easily be a day one contributor on special teams and find a place on an NFL roster simply because of his diversity. 19 sacks and seven interceptions in his career you can start to see the versatility of Munson. This was not all in a good group of games, for three straight seasons he had at least one pick and sack. I will be interested to see his 40 time at 6’1’‘ and 245 lbs.