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Colts GM Ryan Grigson relieved of duties

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Grigson relieved of duties, no word on Chuck Pagano according to Adam Schefter

And then there were two. The San Francisco 49ers have been taking their time hiring a general manager as a result of the delay in being able to hire Kyle Shanahan. There was no competition for GMs until now. Adam Schefter is now reporting that Colts GM Ryan Grigson has been relieved of his duties and owner Jim Irsay will have a press conference to make it official later this evening.

There is no news regarding the tenure of head coach Chuck Pagano at the moment but there is talk of former Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning joining the fold.

As of right now, Ian Rapoport is reporting that Pagano should be safe for the moment but we will know more at Irsay’s press conference. If the Colts head coaching position opens as well, it could be a huge wrench in the hiring process for the 49ers.

If the Colts wanted to promote from within, they could consider Jimmy Raye III who interviewed with the 49ers during the first round of GM interviews.

Atlanta can’t lose fast enough to get this staff locked in.