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Why you want the Patriots to go the Super Bowl

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Making the case to want New England to go again - part 3 of 4

The Patriots might be one of the most hated teams in football right along with the Cowboys but there are a few reasons why you should be cheering for them to beat the Steelers. Yes, scandals and all, you want the team from the land of lobsters to beat the team that already has racked up six titles. Pittsburgh is the only team to have reached that benchmark. One more than the 49ers and the Cowboys who both have five. The Packers and the Giants are next with four each. Denver, Oakland and Washington each have three.

Pittsburgh, Dallas, Denver and New England all have eight Super Bowl appearances. San Francisco is next with six. The New York Giants, Green Bay, Oakland and Washington are all next with five appearances.

Going to the Super Bowl a ninth time may put the Patriots at the top of the list with the most appearances but with only four wins, (provided they lose) would put their success rate at 44%. Currently it’s at 50%. Here are the winning percentages of teams with at least three Super Bowl wins.

  1. 49ers 5/6 83%
  2. Packers 4/5 80%
  3. Giants 4/5 80%
  4. Steelers 6/8 75%
  5. Cowboys 5/8 62%
  6. Raiders 3/5 60%
  7. Washington 3/5 60%
  8. Patriots 4/8 50%
  9. Broncos 3/8 37%

The Ravens (2), Jets (1), Buccaneers (1) and Saints (1) are all 100% in the visits to the Super Bowl.

Obviously when Josh McDaniels was still a head coaching candidate for the 49ers, wanting them to lose to accelerate the assembling of a staff was logical. Maybe now the Patriots getting to the Super Bowl and then losing would be more satisfying.