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49ers meet with 3 players at 2017 Shrine Game practices

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The 49ers prospect meetings have begun. We break down the news from this week’s Shrine Game practices

The 2017 East-West Shrine Game and NFLPA Collegiate Bowl are both a wrap, and we are starting to get the reports about players meeting with teams. Throughout the pre-draft process, there are numerous opportunities for draft prospects to meet with teams. Some meetings are going to be in depth discussions about the player and the team. Other meetings are just a chance to confirm some information about the player.

Meetings at this week’s all star games are likely more about the latter, but we won’t know for certain unless it is revealed after a player is drafted. The 49ers have been connected to a few players right out of the gates. Each year, Charlie Campbell of Walter Football tracks the meetings that happen at some of the All Star games.

This year, he has the 49ers meeting with USC safety Leon McQuay III, Utah offensive tackle Sam Tevi, and Manitoba guard Geoff Gray. All three are viewed as UDFA prospects. The team will want to get contact information, and with someone like Gray, they likely need a few more details.

As we move into Senior Bowl week and then the NFL Combine, we’ll have a full tracker of all the meetings reported concerning the 49ers. No matter how notable or not the meeting might be, it is always interesting to hear who is on the team’s radar. We won’t learn about all of them, and we probably won’t even know about most of them, but there are interesting details to be learned.