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Louis Riddick may not be a fan of the possible Shanahan hire

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A bit bitter perhaps?

ESPN analyst Louis Riddick was one of the few invited to interview with the San Francisco 49ers for the vacant general manager position. Despite being out of football for three years, the former executive with personnel positions for both Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles, was considered a potential working piece with Josh McDaniels as head coach.

Unfortunately, McDaniels withdrew from the search and Riddick was not invited back for a second interview. Now that news of the Kyle Shanahan hire is making the rounds, Riddick thumbed out this tweet in the midst of things:

It’s not certain if he’s unhappy with the Shanahan hire or not with this tweet. When I read a 49erswebzone article, they said a person asked specifically about Shanahan and then was allegedly blocked by Riddick. If that’s true, this definitely could be sour grapes on not securing a second interview.

What’s interesting is how Riddick says this, but was gushing about McDaniel’s abilities as a playcaller and being attached to the aforementioned name as a dual hire. What he says has water: some coaches are simply better coordinators than head coaches, but it would be interesting why McDaniels isn’t lumped into that group, especially when he flammed out with the Denver Broncos in just over a year.

Or this is just Riddick doing his job. Maybe there are no sour grapes at all in any of this.