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2017 NFC, AFC conference championship game picks against the spread

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Time to look at the penultimate playoff round with picks against the spread. I’m going with the underdogs.

The 2017 season reaches its penultimate week as the two conference championship games take place on Sunday. That means two more games to bet on today, and then one last game in Super Bowl 50. I suppose I could try and bet on the Pro Bowl, but even I am not that big a degenerate. I’ll save my money for betting on Anthem length!

Both home teams are six point favorites. The Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers, and most people expect a high scoring affair. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots host the Pittsburgh Steelers in a potential high-scoring affair, but not getting quite the same expectations as the NFC title game.

I am going with both underdogs covering. I think the Packers cover but lose, while the Steelers win outright. I picked the Steelers to get to the Super Bowl, but had them in a Super Bowl 30 rematch with the Dallas Cowboys. I’m going to stick with the Steelers pick. I’m rooting against Atlanta given the Kyle Shanahan situation, but this Falcons offense is ridiculous. Yes, the Packers are playing really good football, but after what Atlanta did to Seattle, I think we see an impressive performance from them.