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Chip Kelly could be candidate to replace Kyle Shanahan as Falcons OC

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Dan Quinn is preparing for life after Kyle Shanahan.

The Atlanta Falcons are facing the Green Bay Packers in the 2017 NFC title game, but they are reportedly already considering a future without Kyle Shanahan. FOX Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer said on the NFC title game pre-game show that Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is already lining up offensive coordinator candidates to replace Shanahan. Glazer said that former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly is one such candidate.

It is not a surprise Quinn would have short list fairly quickly. If Shanahan leaves, they need to be ready to replace him, especially considering Quinn’s background is on defense. Maybe it means the 49ers and Shanahan are pretty close to a deal following their first discussion. It might just be Quinn being prepared. Until we get formal word of Shanahan to the 49ers, I’m just in a wait and see approach.

I am also not surprised Chip Kelly was mentioned in connections with the job. Until he settles in somewhere, any NFL offensive coordinator job is probably going to be connected to him. He knows offense, and I would be fascinated to see what he could do with a Falcons offense that is so thoroughly loaded with weapons. It would likely require some adjustments, but he has not had that kind of talent across the board in his time in the NFL. It would be fun to see how that played out.