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49ers, other players react to Kyle Shanahan, Falcons offense in NFC title game

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Players are impressed with the Falcons first half performance in the NFC title game.

The Atlanta Falcons dominated the Green Bay Packers in the first half of the 2017 NFC title game, leading 24-0 coming into the third quarter. The Packers have made some mistakes, but the Falcons game plan has been spot on. And the strong performance has resulted in all sorts of reactions from current 49ers players, and also some current and recent players around the league.

Joe Staley tweeted an excited GIF, while Torrey Smith tweeted about how impressed he is with the Falcons offense getting playmakers involved early. He subsequently tweeted that he was not slamming the 49ers offense, saying they simply failed to execute.

If the Falcons keep this up and finish strong, I imagine the next two weeks will feature all sorts of NFL player, coach, and front office chatter about the impressive Falcons offense.