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Golden Nuggets: Super Bowl 51 matchup set, 49ers get 2 week wait on Kyle Shanahan

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San Francisco 49ers links for Monday, January 23, 2017.

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Good morning! The 2017 NFL playoffs are fast coming to a close, and we now have the matchup set for Super Bowl 51. The Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots will square off in Houston in two weeks. Both teams crushed their conference championship opponent, and I would like to think after mostly a dud playoff season, this could end on a high note.

The San Francisco 49ers are directly impacted by the playoffs. Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is not allowed to formally join the 49ers until the Falcons playoff season ends. The 49ers can do a second interview with him this week, and Adam Schefter and Matt Maiocco are both reporting it will happen on Friday. Had the Falcons lost it would have been as early as Monday.

The 49ers are going to fly to Atlanta for the meeting, and it will likely include George Paton and Terry McDonough getting a chance to speak with Shanahan. If there is a connection between Shanahan and one of them, the next step is getting contracts figured out. There will be money and personnel power to sort through. Ideally the 49ers get this wrapped up by the coming weekend. They can keep speaking with Shanahan’s agent after that, but I am not entirely sure what will happen if we don’t hear some leaks about the status of things sometime over the weekend.

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Jim Tomsula, Washington

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