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Kirk Cousins watched Kyle Shanahan’s show at the NFC title game

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A potential QB option in free agency got to take in the dominant display of the Falcons offense.

The Atlanta Falcons put on a heck of an offensive display on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, and Washington quarterback and soon-to-be free agent Kirk Cousins was on hand to watch. Cousins posted a picture on Instagram from his seat in the Georgia Dome.

There was a lot of positive reaction to the Falcons offense and Kyle Shanahan. Current 49ers and other NFL players had plenty of tweets. Potential first round pick DeShaun Watson offered up his own reaction as well.

The San Francisco 49ers have all sorts of issues and getting a quarterback is high on the list. Barring a new deal, Cousins is going to be a free agent in March. Washington can place the franchise tag on him, and if they make it the exclusive tag, nobody can negotiate with Cousins. A trade could potentially happen instead in that case. I imagine once the 49ers get things done with Kyle Shanahan, we’ll hear plenty of rumors connecting Cousins to him and the 49ers.