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2017 NFL mock draft: Who will be the 49ers starting QB in 2018?

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The 49ers have to add quarterbacks this offseason, but who will be starting in 2018 might be the question of the day.

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to finalize things with Kyle Shanahan later this week in their second interview with the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator. They might have some final details to work out with his agent, but all indications are they will look to get him unofficially done before the Super Bowl.

With that in mind, we can expect a ton of quarterback chatter over the next three months. The San Francisco 49ers have a desperate need at the position, and they have high draft picks and a ton of cap space with which to work.

The latest 2017 NFL mock draft from Dan Kadar continues the theme of QB to the 49ers. He has the 49ers selecting UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

With Kyle Shanahan expected to be hired in San Francisco, the 49ers could give him a quarterback in Trubisky to launch his career. Although he started just one season at North Carolina, Trubisky’s tools are impressive.

We’re going to be hearing all about quarterbacks and the draft and free agency, so I decided to put together a poll with a slightly different angle. Who will be the 49ers starting quarterback two seasons from now, when Week 1 in 2018 arrives? They could sign a bridge guy this year and develop a draft pick for the following year. Or maybe they sign Kirk Cousins or Mike Glennon, or trade for a notable name. Who do you see in the saddle when the 2018 season begins?