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Kyle Shanahan’s second interview with 49ers set for Saturday, per Ian Rapoport

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The Dating Game continues this weekend.

The Atlanta Falcons gave the San Francisco 49ers a window later this week to conduct their follow-up interview with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, and Ian Rapoport reported it is planned for Saturday. He said on NFL Network that Shanahan has carved out a day, and it will be Saturday.

Rapoport reiterated what we already know that the 49ers will get Shanahan together with their GM candidates. Rapoport then said it will essentially be Shanahan’s choice that gets the job.

That is what has been reported, but it is still fascinating to see this whole situation play out the way it has. It would not be the first process that saw the head coach deciding on his GM, but I don’t recall something quite so “Dating Game”-esque like we are seeing with this process.

Here’s Rapoport’s full transcript, followed by video.

But he is going to carve out one day, and one day only; that is going to be Saturday to do a second interview with the 49ers. Of course, by this point we know Kyle Shanahan is going to be the 49ers new coach. But there is the matter of helping the organization pick a GM. So what they’re going to do is get Shanahan in the room with George Paton, the Minnesota Vikings executive, and likely Terry McDonough, the Arizona Cardinals executive; see who meshes well, see if this is a relationship one or the other they can have moving forward, and after the Super Bowl, the 49ers are expected to make it official. Kyle Shanahan to be their coach, and whoever his choice is to be their general manager.