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SJSU Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change discuss athlete activism - Live stream

Athletes, media, and others from the Bay Area and around the country discuss athlete activism. We’ve got a live stream for what should be a significant dialogue.

On Tuesday, San Jose State University is launching the Institute for the Study of Sport, Society and Social Change, and will have an extensive discussion that features Bay Area and national athletes and media. They will be live-streaming the event, which you can watch above.

The event will feature a dialogue about athlete activism, and will include the following people:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball Hall of Famer, six-time league MVP
Anquan Boldin, 2015 NFL Man of the Year
Jim Brown, Pro Football Hall of Famer, three-time league MVP
Danielle Slaton, 2000 Olympics silver medalist, soccer
Tommie Smith, 1968 Olympics gold medalist, 200 meters, SJSU alumnus
Takeo Spikes, two-time NFL All-Pro
Chris Webber, five-time NBA All-Star
Jocelyn Benson, Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality CEO
Harry Edwards, sports sociologist, SJSU alumnus
Al Guido, San Francisco 49ers President
Mary Papazian, SJSU President

Additionally, the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality will provide an overview of preliminary findings for “When Colin Knelt: Athletes and Activism in the NFL in 2016.” The report will be released in full at this year’s Super Bowl.

Given the topic covered, I wanted to post this live stream for people to watch during the day. It is running from 8:30 am to noon PT. This is obviously a hot button topic, so let’s keep the discussion respectful.