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Dan Quinn on Kyle Shanahan: ‘I’m really proud of him … he totally nailed [it].’

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The Falcons head coach discussed his offensive coordinator and how he handled coaching and the interview process.

The Atlanta Falcons have begun their preparations for Super Bowl 51, and that opened with head coach Dan Quinn speaking to the media on Monday (video). He discussed the team’s plans for the coming week which will involve getting the game plan ready early in the week, and then travel to Houston Sunday.

In between that, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan will interview with the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. Quinn was asked about Shanahan’s interview and how he did in getting the offense prepared for the NFC Championship Game. At the 12:12 mark in the video above, Quinn offered this:

“I’m really proud of him … Because it’s not easy to do when there’s a lot of speculation and things going on around outside your world to stay dialed in. I think it’s one that should be commended. And being on point and going for it, he totally nailed that. And knowing how to attack and how we’re going through it. So it gets more attention, obviously, the longer it goes. And we recognize that. The league does structure it, there is another opportunity for them to talk, and I’m sure they’ll do that.”

Quinn said he has spoken with Shanahan about going through the process. After all, Quinn went through a very similar process with the Falcons during the Seahawks Super Bowl run following the 2014 season. He said he did not give him specific advice on what to do, but rather, what to expect and how to work his way around it. He talked about having to use your imagination a little bit. It sounded like he was hinting around the notion of agreeing to a deal without officially agreeing to a deal.

Shanahan and the 49ers will meet on Saturday, with however many GM candidates in the room as well. At that point, we’ll start to hear some rumors about where things stand. And as with Quinn in January 2015, one hopes it becomes the worst kept secret of Super Bowl week.