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Colts GM interviews include a whole lot of 49ers candidates

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The 49ers can remove themselves from this conversation with a successful Saturday interview session. We’ll see though with new candidates getting interviews with the Colts.

The Indianapolis Colts have begun their interview process, and they are looking at a lot of candidates the San Francisco 49ers brought in. They are going to interview their own candidate Jimmy Raye III, and have also requested interviews with George Paton, Trent Kirchner, and Scott Fitterer. On Monday evening, word spread that they have also requested an interview with Green Bay Packers executive Eliot Wolf.

All of these candidates interviewed with the 49ers. Raye was not invited back for a second interview, and all but Paton removed their name from consideration. The 49ers will interview Paton on Saturday along with potential head coach Kyle Shanahan. But I am most curious to see if Wolf interviews with the Packers. He just signed a new contract with the Packers when he pulled his name from consideration with the 49ers. We don’t know exactly the reasons for him withdrawing his name. He might have realized Paton was their guy. He might have been made a godfather offer by the Packers to stick around. He might not have been happy with the potential role in light of Kyle Shanahan potentially getting the roster power.

If Wolf interviews with the Colts, it might clarify that he is seeking more power than the 49ers are offering. It could also be the chance to GM a team that has Andrew Luck in place. The next GM would have to spend at least part of one season with a coach he did not choose (Chuck Pagano), so that is a notable drawback to the job.

The 49ers will hold their interview with Kyle Shanahan and George Paton on Saturday. It remains to be seen if Terry McDonough gets a second interview. If the 49ers get this hammered out on Saturday, that’ll be that. If they don’t, this could turn into a little bit more of a circus.