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2017 Senior Bowl: Live updates of weigh-in

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We’ve got a Twitter list to provide updates on the measurements from Tuesday’s Senior Bowl activities.

The 2017 Senior Bowl week is underway on Tuesday, with the various players getting measured and checked out. There will be a weigh-in at the 2017 NFL Combine, but the Senior Bowl provides the first real numbers about where players stand in terms of height, weight, and so forth. Information available at school websites is notoriously inaccurate, whether it be over- or under-estimating a player.

This first day is the creepiest of the offseason to a certain degree. There is a clear need to get this information, but I have never understood why the media is there. You could make some arguments for scouts and personnel executives to observe the process, but seeing media there posting pictures is a bit odd. The Senior Bowl could release official numbers, but instead we get them tweeted out by the media on hand.

Whatever the case, the information we do learn is valuable. Draft stocks are impacted from day one, with some players potentially being a little too small, and other players being bigger than expected.

We’ll have plenty more Senior Bowl content, but in the meantime, I thought I would post this open thread for people who want to discuss any surprises from the weigh-in. The most notable news today is that wide receiver Corey Davis ended up not attending the Senior Bowl because of a shoulder injury. Reuben Foster is also not attending due to a hand injury he has been dealing with.

Here is a Twitter list of media on hand for the week’s festivities. You can also track the numbers at this google spreadsheet.