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49ers meet with Illinois OLB Carroll Phillips at Senior Bowl

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The San Francisco 49ers have begun their process of meeting with draft prospects. We have a picture from one of those meetings.

The San Francisco 49ers and every other team have most if not all of their football operations staffs on hand this week for the 2017 Senior Bowl. That means meetings are taking place, and the 49ers are going to be plenty active in those. The Senior Bowl is posting pictures on their Facebook page, and it is revealing some of the meetings that are taking place.

Our own Greg Valerio came across the picture below featuring Illinois outside linebacker Carroll Phillips meeting with a 49ers scout. There is a good chance this is simply a matter of the 49ers getting some basic information from Phillips. The 49ers will get a chance to meet with players at the NFL Combine, and then in the month and a half after that leading up to the draft. This could simply be a preliminary meeting to prepare for a more significant meeting.

Phillips is listed as a defensive lineman, but he measured in at 6’3, 237 pounds, so outside linebacker is where he would likely play in the NFL. Whether it would be 3-4 or 4-3 remains to been. And even then he would have to put up some weight, or make a further change of position.

Posted by Senior Bowl on Monday, January 23, 2017