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Terry McDonough confirmed as 49ers second GM interview candidate

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Let’s hope Terry McDonough or George Paton are able to build a quick rapport with Kyle Shanahan.

The San Francisco 49ers unofficially have two general managers they will interview a second time on Saturday. Multiple reports from 49ers and Arizona Cardinals beat writers have confirmed that Cardinals VP of player personnel Terry McDonough will have a second interview with the 49ers on Saturday.

Minnesota Vikings assistant GM George Paton was already confirmed by various reports as having an interview, but McDonough had remained a question mark. There were a couple reports saying he was likely to, but this is the first time we have gotten fairly hard confirmation on the matter.

Both GM candidates will meet with the 49ers and likely head coach Kyle Shanahan. The plan is to see which one has the best rapport with Shanahan. It sounds like Shanahan will effectively pick the one he likes best. If they do not figure out a quality candidate among the two, the 49ers will be left to re-open their GM search process. If that happens, all bets are off on where this thing goes.